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Rent-A-Studio  located in the heart of DFW, is a artist hub that will provide rental of studio space to all professional and amateur artist. We allow them to make the art while we just provide the space and facilities to make their business successful. We also provide studio service to the public, our objective is to act as the bridge between the consumers and the professionals.  


From the professional viewpoint, most small to medium sized businesses operate as freelance. Also, talented film school students and other start up professionals alike that graduate from college are not able to follow their dreams because of the high cost of setting up a business or running a full-fledged studio which include rent, equipment and the ever changing technology. This huge and constant rise in cost causes a lot of striving  studios and professionals to close down and unfortunately, running as a freelance deprives business and takes from maximizing their full potentials. At Rent-A-Studio, part of our focus is to take off the burden of running and managing a studio from our clients, by providing the studio service and facilities while they focus on the art.


Now the question is, how are we different? Well most studios if not all productions companies that have a studio place  and operate to create their own brand on services they provide. Rent-A-Studio is not brand specific but a neutral atmosphere. We create an environment where any production company can create their own brand without any competition while still providing the service to the community.    

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