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The ALEXA Plus shares ALEXAs image performance, simplicity of operation, reliability in extreme environments and versatility of workflow of the original ALEXA EV with integrated wireless remote control, the ARRI Lens Data System (LDS), additional outputs, lens synchronization for 3D, and built-in position and motion sensors
The lens mount of the Plus model incorporates LDS contacts, allowing lens data and depth of field to be displayed in the viewfinder or on monitors, and making speed/iris ramps easier. Lens metadata can be recorded using ProRes, HD-SDI or ARRIRAW.An advanced electronics side cover permits real-time wired or wireless remote control of camera REC/STOP and lens functions like focus and aperture, using either ARRI hand controllers such as the Wireless Compact Unit (WCU-3) or ccmotions modular cvolution system.
ARRI ALEXA EV features:
Film-like, organic look
Extended, clean highlights
Extremely low noise floor
Natural skin tones
Excellent color separation
Cinematic depth of field
Wide exposure latitude of 14 stops
EI 800 base sensitivity (EI 160 to EI 3200)
Sharp, natural images for 2K and HD
Multiple output options
ProRes, DNxHD, ARRIRAW and HD-SDILog C, Rec 709 or DCI P3ARRI
Look Files for custom looksaudio recording
MXF filesDNxHD 115/120/145 or 175x/185x/220x codecnative editing format for Media Composer recording to SxS PRO cards
ARRIRAW – the best format for 2K deliverablesbest quality for VFX productions


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