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The Panasonic Varicam 35 offers:
Newly developed super35mm sensor ideal for 4K (4096 x 2160) and UHD (3840 x 2160) shooting.
Wide dynamic range 14+ stops of latitude. • V-Gamut: wide color gamut.
V-Log: tuned for emotional images.
V-709: cinematic tuned Rec 709.
Built-in ND filters (0.6ND, 1.2ND, 1.8ND, CLEAR).
Built-in low-pass filter tuned for 4K and UV/IR-cut filter.
In-camera Color Grading
Color grading function (CDL/3D LUT) allows on-set color grading using control panel or 3rd party software*1. CDL/3D LUT files is recorded together with clip.
Double Recorder
Records ungraded 4K master with grading information and
graded HD images simultaneously.
Dual Codec Recording
Simultaneously records in two different formats, codecs and selectable from V-log/V-709/Grading.
Supports AVC-Intra4K for 4K and UHD recording.
AVC-Intra100, AVC-Intra200*1 and Apple ProRes*1 *2 for HD recording.
Records 24 bit/48 kHz sampling, four channel high-quality digital audio and metadata.
Variable frame rate recording in the range of 1 fps to 120 fps.*3
Provided with 3G-SDI 4K QUAD (BNC x 4) output,
Monitor output x 3 and AUDIO (XLR x 2) input.


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